An experience like no other.

328 Main St., Los Altos, CA 94022 [ MAP ]
Phone: 650.332.8332
The restaurant is yours for the evening. One reservation of eight guests per day.

Chef's Message

Since the age of sixteen, I have spent forty plus years in pursuit of perfecting the art of wagyu steaks. I can now proudly share with you all my accumulated experiences and knowledge at our restaurant, to provide you with a wagyu steak experience like none other.

My process is uncompromising from start to finish. First, the best quality wagyu meat is flown in weekly from Japan, of which I serve only the choicest parts. Then there is preparation and serving, honed to perfection to bring out the very best flavors and textures of the meat. Finally, there is the space itself - private and intimate yet relaxing- in which everything you touch (from the food, drinks, utensils, table, glasses, and even the water) has been hand-picked and/or prepared by me. Most importantly, all of this is offered to the customer in the Japanese spirit of omotenashi.

I hope you will come share with me the ultimate wagyu steak experience.

Chef - Hiroshi Kimura

Hiroshi Kimura
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